Unistream PLC+HMI B5 5″ R38


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Reference : US5-B5-R38
UniStream® 5″- Programmable Logic Controller With Integrated HMI
Powerful programmable logic controller with high quality HMI touch screen. Multi-function in a superbly compact hardware profile: PLC+HMI+I/Os built into a single unit.

UniStream 5? main features: Ethernet/IP, VNC, FTP, Web Server, Video + RTSP, SQL Client and more. It is backed by the most efficient programming software you have ever used.

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Founded in 1989, Unitronics’ innovative approach to reliable automation is driven by in-depth knowledge of the needs of the automation control industry. This knowledge is gained through the company’s decades of experience with diverse projects in automated parking systems, packaging and palletizing, energy production, agriculture, HVAC, food, dairy, chemical, wastewater, boiler industries, plastic extrusion, and other industrial channels.

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Unistream PLC+HMI B5 5" R38